VIDEO Big (D)esign 2014 Keynote: A Letter to a Junior Designer

I did something different for my presentation at BigD this year.  Rather than rant about a hot topic, I told a personal story about my first design job and my first mentor in the industry, a guy named Max Wallace who hired me to learn.  Everything was done by hand; paste-up, cold type, film development, and line drawings. I talked about the lessons I learned from a remarkable man and how they still influence the way I work today.

With his permission, I opened with Cennydd Bowles' Letter to a Junior Designer which you can find here.

INTERVIEW UX Radio: Creating Impact Without Permission

At the 2013 Information Architecture Summit, UX Radio was collecting what would be the first set of interviews they would publish.  I was lucky enough to be among them.

Abstract:  Those bastards! Why can’t they see that a great user experience IS good business? How frustrating is it to be able to see project and product quality sidelined because you can’t translate the value into an algorithm that can predict success in decimal points?

What if I told you those bastards aren’t working against you? They’re simply working for something else. There are reasons for that; not good reasons but if you understand them, you have an advantage. What if I told you there are ways to create impact that you can put into play without asking anyone?

We’ll talk a little about why your enemy isn’t your enemy. We’ll also talk about specific things you can do to position yourself

Listen to it here.

ARTICLE IA & RIAs: You Know More Than You Think You Do

I gave this presentation on a couple of occasions.  You can see the slides here.

In 2007 Rich Internet Apps were a way of achieving more fluid designs and transitions in Web Apps before the advent of HTML 5.  This presentation discussed my experiences working on an RIA and comparing the differences between that and developing what were then traditional Web apps.  Afterward, I was asked to write the story out in a narrative form for the Journal of The American Society of Information Science & Technology.  Read Article.